Troy Aikman not worried about Dak Prescott’s deal

Cowboy’s legend and three-time Super Bowl winner Troy Aikman believes a long-term deal will get done “eventually”, and everyone just needs to calm down. Speaking to 105.3 The Fan, Aikman was full of praise and optimism for the future.

As all Cowboys fans wait nervously for Dak Prescott to get his long-term deal, Aikman has taken to the airwaves to try and calm the nerves. With inside experience of Jerry Jones way of doing business from his twelve years in Dallas, Aikman is pretty confident this will all work out in the end

Troy Aikman loves Dak Prescott

Troy told The Fan “I love Dak Prescott, I love everything about him. Dak truly doesn’t care about his stats. He just wants to win, he’s a leader, his teammates love him. … So, I would pay him. He’s going to get paid.”

“I’m not saying anything the Cowboys don’t already know. They will pay him, he’s going to make a lot of money, and I think he’s going to be the quarterback for the Cowboys for a long long time, and continue to have a great career.”

“I’ve maintained that I strongly believe that they’ll reach a deal, and he’ll have a long-term contract as opposed to playing under the franchise tag this year.”

High praise indeed from the Hall of Famer and his insight is definitely worth something. With the Cowboys having splashed a lot of cash on in-house contracts of late with last season Zeke deal, and Amari Cooper’s new deal last month, there really shouldn’t be too many nerves.

However, the signing of Andy Dalton has a few fans worried that this might be a sign that things are not all rosy in the garden for Dallas and their franchise QB. I don’t think there’s much credence to the idea that the Cowboys aren’t 100% in on Dak Prescott simply because of that signing though.

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If Dallas were looking to move on they would’ve at least kicked the tires on Jameis Winston, Cam Newton, maybe even a Marcus Mariota before they signed Andy Dalton. Dalton has proved season after season that he will not lead a team deep in the playoffs.

Dalton poses no real threat to Dak Prescott for the starter role. So this deal will get done for the good of both parties. The last thing either needs a bad divorce at the end of a horrendous summer, or a repeat of the Kirk Cousins saga in Washington.

So while the wait is definitely troubling, let’s try and calm down a little and let this thing run it’s course. And then if we make it to July we can all start to get a little more worried.

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