No controversy that CeeDee Lamb gets to wear 88

After becoming the latest Dallas Cowboy to be taken in the first round, CeeDee Lamb will be wearing the iconic 88 shirt in Big D. While some media outlets have looked at this as a chance to stir the pot and make it a controversy, it just shows how little they understand about being a Cowboy.

While the pressure of wearing the shirt may be more, CeeDee Lamb doesn’t strike me as a player either short on confidence, or who isn’t already putting pressure on himself to be great. Lamb has done nothing but put up big numbers in college, even with the attention carousel circling around his quarterbacks

CeeDee Lamb with do the 88 proud

Lamb will follow in an illustrious line of wearers of the number 88 shirt. Worn by great players like Drew Pearson, Dez Bryant, and probably the greatest of them all Michael Irvin, this 88 will be CeeDee Lamb’s to make his own. With great power comes great reponsbility and the same is true of the 88 in Dallas.

Having posted incredible numbers at Oklahoma, 173 catches, 3,292 yards, and 32 touchdowns in his 3 years, Lamb has dealt with three spotlight intensive quarterbacks. Three quarterbacks in the Heisman finalists, with two of them winning the iconic award. Meanwhile Lamb just went about scoring touchdowns.

At 6’2″ 190 pounds, CeeDee Lamb is the total package of size, speed, strength, hands, quickness, body control, and mentality. Make sure you note that last one: Mentality. Because CeeDee Lamb wants to be great, and putting this shirt on won’t add more pressure because that’s the pressure he already puts on himself.

Be a Hall of Famer. Have as much of an impact or more that Michael had on the game and on Americaโ€™s team. I want to be on a team that makes unbelievable memories together. I feel like that is what we are going to do here

CeeDee Lamb on career goals after being drafted by the Cowboys

In fact Michael Irvin and Dez Bryant both took to Twitter to exclaim their liking of this decision. Because the number 88 is a brotherhood of great players, and CeeDee Lamb is the next great wide receiver to wear this number.

Now all he has to do is keep putting in that work.

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