Dallas Cowboys ‘Protest to Progress’ hits right note

After staying silent for a long time in the wake of the murder of George Floyd, the Dallas Cowboy’s released a ‘Protest to Progress’ video today. Having been called out for the silence in a multitude of places, including here, the Cowboys have arguably answered in the perfect way.

At a time when there is massive division throughout the country, and the world, particularly with regard to racial injustice, it was important that America’s team continued to hold firm as a spokesperson for right.

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Dallas Cowboys ‘Protest to Progress’

While other teams may be able to get away with shrinking back in difficult times, the Cowboys have always led the league, and the nation forward.

Along with the video statement the Cowboys issued these words:

This video statement, the first in a series that will be released by the Dallas Cowboys, reflects the organization’s statement regarding the recent tragedies in our country while also disclosing interactions between the team, its players, and community leaders: including law enforcement (7 local police chiefs), judicial figures (8 judges), social service leaders and Dallas city attorneys.

This program was initiated, and is being led, by the team’s players and is being facilitated by the organization.

These conversations, which began two years ago and are currently ongoing, have served to educate the organization and its players on the magnitude of the systemic problem of racism and to offer avenues of finding the best ways to effect change.”

I for one am proud to be a fan of the Dallas Cowboys approach to what is one of the biggest issues of our time. Hopefully the Protest to Progress series of videos can lead to permanent changes.

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