Cowboys need to lead over George Floyd

As the country continues to be in turmoil from the George Floyd murder in Minneapolis the Dallas Cowboys have remained eerily silent on the issue. America’s team, so often the leaders in these kinds of issues has thus far failed to make a statement, or take any kind of stand.

The Cowboys famously took a knee as a team during the kneeling furore after the issue was politicised to the extreme by President Trump. Owner Jerry Jones helping to orchestrate his team into a line, with all of them taking a knee before the anthem.

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George Floyd raises much wider issue

Despite this previous leading on the issues raised by racial inequality, the Cowboys have yet to make a statement this time around. This time things seem different, as all of America unites in the understanding that things need to change.

And while taking a knee one time, as an entire organisation, was a great gesture, now the Cowboys need to do more. What that more is nobody can really say. We would like to think that behind the scenes, Jones and his crew are working hard on an idea that will move the whole debate forward.

Meanwhile, Dak Prescott has broken his silence on the issue in an emotional post on instagram.

We must commit to hold ourselves and our communities accountable! We must teach one another about our differences. We must embrace the different colors, cultures and ways of life. To be multi-racial is beautiful and that is what this country is! 

While Prescott continues to lead this franchise, he remains unsigned, and the Cowboys remain silent on the murder of George Floyd. It is now that America’s Team need to stand up and lead the NFL towards a more inclusive, and more just America.

Obviously we can not do this alone, and it will take a long time. But Dallas can no longer remain silent on the issues of George Floyd, racial injustice, or inclusion. It is time for the team to lead the way once again.

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